Are you interested in creating a stress free holiday season?  If you’ve been with me the past 9 weeks – you are well on your way to enjoying a less stressful December.  But, what if today is the first holiday post you’ve read?  Good news – there is still hope for you!

Here’s a recap of the previous 9 posts.  I encourage you to pick and chose what you want to implement for THIS year.  Maybe you spend some time on step #1.  Great – this puts you one step closer to creating an ideal holiday.  Maybe you decide that step #7 is the stage you want to devote your time.  Great – you have now practiced some much needed self-care.

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Regardless of where you focus your time between now and Christmas, and how much you accomplish – keep your notes and stop back after Christmas for Step #10 – Evaluation.  Remember slow progress is still progress.  Creating a holiday season that is “a little less stressful than normal” is better than a hectic, crazy, rip your hair out holiday!

Stress Free Holiday Step #1 – Vision – What would you perfect holiday look like?  What activities would you do?  Who would you spend it with?

Stress Free Holiday Step #2 – Reality  – Now, make a list of every task, action, project, activity you plan on participating in this holiday season.

Stress Free Holiday Step #3 – Decide – Make a decision . . . are you really going to do everything you listed in step #2?  Decide which activities you really want to focus on – and stick to your decision.

Stress Free Holiday Step #4 – Break It Down – Break each activity down into the absolute smallest task.  Decide on start dates for each task.  (Remember, next year will be easier – you will be able to start earlier!)

Stress Free Holiday Step #5 – Delegate – You do NOT have to do everything yourself!  Delegate some of these tasks!

Stress Free Holiday Step #6 – Calendar – Put your start and end dates on the calendar.  Now would be an excellent time to start creating your 2014 holiday calendar.  If you are feeling rushed, make a note of when you would have preferred to have started for next year.

Stress Free Holiday Step #7 – Self Care – Schedule some time for you to recharge your batteries.

Stress Free Holiday Step #8 – Gifts – Create a gift list, a budget, and decide when you are going to wrap!

Stress Free Holiday Step #9 – Notebook – Keep everything together in one holiday notebook.


Each post gives practical and easy to implement ideas.  Set your timer for 15 minutes and scan through each post.

Once you finish – post a comment on which step(s) you are going to implement.  I really want to know!

Do you have other ideas – please share!!

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