How It Works

There is no magical app or book that will make a productivity problem go away.

To no longer feel the pull from conflicting priorities, and to capture the work-life balance you crave, it all comes down to where you choose to spend your time. Using our A.W.E. choice management process, we’ll build off your strengths to find the right mix of solutions for you.

Our job is to set up you and your team for optimal productivity so that you, the owner, do not have to own it all.

  • Awareness – find the problem.

    Every business is run by a unique mix of people who have different experiences, problems, and strengths. To know what to fix, we look at what worked before and what changed. We work through the problem sequentially and dig a layer or two below the issue to find the root of the problem.

  • Work – fix the problem.

    We tweak existing structures and routines to implement easy simple solutions that save you time.

  • Evaluation – check to fix the right problem and that it is working.

    After a set amount of time, we revisit the changes to see what worked, what didn’t work, and eliminate any inefficiencies.

Wondering what your perfect-fit solution looks like?

Let’s discuss!

Leah Hadley

Lisa helped me get clear on what my challenges were and implement simple solutions to help me grow with ease.

She gave me more time to spend with my family and create more balance in my life!

Leah Hadley, Founder, Great Lakes Divorce Financial Solutions