Do you wrap gifts Christmas Eve?

Do you find you are exhausted Christmas morning because you were up all night putting together toys?

When you pull the gifts out of the hiding places, do you realize that you bought “too much” for one person and “not enough” for another?

Did you start your gift buying in July and then forgot about everything you had purchased?

Have you been shopping, and realized you didn’t know the size or color preference for the person you were buying for?

Step #8 for a stress free holiday season focuses on simplifying gift giving.


Here are some of my favorite time saving tips:

  • Wrap gifts as you purchase them.
  • Use an assembly line approach when wrapping gifts. Open up 10 gift bags, drop one gift into each bag, put tissue paper on top of the gift, accessorize the bag with bows, sparkle, and a tag.
  • Keep a potential gift list with you all year long.
  • As you purchase a gift – keep a running total of the amount spent to keep you on budget.
  • Keep a list of sizes, color preferences, and hobbies for each recipient with you throughout the year
  • Keep all receipts in one envelope with the name of the gift and recipient written on the back of the receipt.
  • Purchase gifts online – and ship directly to the recipient
  • Utilize the gift wrapping service at the mall
  • Purchase consumable gifts – gift certificates to the spa, coupons for a night out, a membership to the Botanical Gardens
  • Make agreements not to purchase gifts, and donate the money to a charity.
  • Create a gift exchange instead of purchasing gifts for everyone in your group.

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What are some of your favorite time saving gift giving tips? Please post below!