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Lisa Crilley Mallis, lover of chocolate, the beach, and country music. and owner of SystemSavvy Consulting, LLC is a time strategy visionary. She is a master at cutting to the heart of overwhelm to help you regain control of your schedule and experience life. Lisa assists overextended and overwhelmed professionals to implement concrete techniques that can be applied immediately to their daily lives. You can live a life where every day is productive, rewarding, and fun! Need an article for your e-newsletter? Why not use one of mine? Just keep the copyright/author information intact. I post new articles each week so please keep coming back.

How to Bust Burnout in 2 Minutes

2024-06-19T11:34:24-04:00By |Checklists & Systems|

One of my favorite productivity writers is Chris Bailey. In April 2023 the HBR printed an article written by Chris titled, A Two-Minute Burnout Checkup. Here’s a summary: Burnout is the result of chronic stress and, at work, that stress tends accumulate around your experiences of workload, values, reward, control, fairness, and community. If any are lacking or out of sync, you may be [...]

The Game-Changer: Implementing a Project Management System

2024-06-25T13:20:34-04:00By |Checklists & Systems|

If you're anything like me several years ago, you're probably juggling tasks and projects through emails and texts. And it worked... for a while. However, implementing a project management (PM) system was a game-changer for my business. The Early Days: Email Overload In the early days, my team and I relied heavily on emails, texts, and spreadsheets to communicate. It was fine at first, [...]

Navigating the Deadline Dilemma: The Art of Delegation and Trust

2024-03-14T16:19:43-04:00By |Delegation and Elimination|

There is a fine line between managing and micromanaging. How do you strike the right balance to support your team effectively, especially during crunch time? I recently heard this question from the owner of a boutique marketing agency. Meet Mary (the owner), and Sarah, one of her key team members. As they navigate a crucial upcoming deadline, Mary is grappling with the challenge of [...]

Unlock Your Time: Real Strategies from 60 Women Business Owners

2024-02-23T18:14:05-05:00By |Awesome People|

I had the opportunity to facilitate a conversation with over 60 women business owners at the NAWBO Leadership Conference last month about their feelings regarding time.  What is your biggest challenge with time?  We narrowed the list to six main categories.  They then broke into groups and shared best practices and consistent solutions that work for each of them. Below are the results of [...]

The Password Predicament: A Tale of Delegation Gone Awry

2024-01-26T11:43:39-05:00By |Checklists & Systems, Delegation and Elimination|

Today we delve into delegation through a real-life case study. This tale began when one of my clients was going to be unreachable for a few days and needed her assistant to handle last-minute registrations. Typically there are a lot of last-minute questions and they wanted to make sure they had a plan to seamlessly address these if/when the business owner was unavailable. They [...]

Save the Date: Unlock Your Zone of Genius!

2024-01-24T16:57:45-05:00By |Delegation and Elimination|

Ever feel overwhelmed, constantly juggling tasks, and struggling to spend time in your zone of genius? You're not alone. Join us on January 25 and revolutionize the way you approach your business and life. "Unlock Your Zone of Genius: Master What to Delegate" Imagine confidently handing off tasks, freeing up your time to focus on what you do best. It's time to delegate more, [...]

Ho Ho Ho…Remember the NO!

2023-12-15T14:14:30-05:00By |Delegation and Elimination|

The holiday season is in full swing…are you stressed yet? At this time of year, we need to manage our time more than ever. And here’s the key - remember to say NO to what doesn’t fit your plan! The mid-winter season is usually full of parties and gatherings, gifts and mail, and decorating and housekeeping. You have a lot [...]

Delegating Strategy 2.0 – Define

2023-10-31T21:48:22-04:00By |Events, News, Productivity|

It’s easy to fall into the all-or-nothing trap when delegating a project. “Either I delegate the entire project or I do the entire project myself”.  However, in reality, you can actually break the project into smaller parts - keep one (or more) of the parts for yourself and delegate the rest. This is a delegating strategy called DEFINING the project. https://youtu.be/NAznwZ3pde0   For [...]

DiSCover Your Superpower: Embracing Diversity in Work Styles

2023-10-24T18:33:42-04:00By |DiSC|

Welcome back, busy business owners! You already know that my world revolves around boosting productivity and mastering the art of delegation. But what you might not know is that there's another tool in my toolbox that I absolutely geek out about – DiSC. I stumbled upon a DiSC assessment in 2000 -  and it became my decoder ring, allowing me to “categorize” people into [...]

Cracking the Code for Business Owners: Why Clearing Your Mental Clutter is Key

2023-08-23T18:20:20-04:00By |Checklists & Systems|

Ever felt like your mind resembled a traffic jam of never-ending tasks and ideas, threatening to trigger an explosion of overwhelm. As women entrepreneurs, the pressure to remember every detail, every deadline, and every project can be suffocating. Have you ever found yourself desperately searching for the starting point amidst the chaos? Believe me, you're not alone. The secret to regaining control and making [...]

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