Real people.  Real time management challenges.  Real strategies.  Easy to implement solutions.  Getting into the nitty gritty every day details of time management is my focus for the month.  I’m excited about this focus – as I’m a huge believer in taking action – and I envision a lot of opportunities for action takers this month!!!!!

Real Scenario #1:  “This may sound ridiculous, but I’m so busy, I don’t even have time to read about time management techniques, let alone practice them.”

My thoughts:  So many of us have “super busy” lives where we prioritize the urgent over the important on a regular basis.  Whether our goal is to learn how to be more effective and efficient with our time, or learn how to connect with potential clients on LinkedIn, or learn how to give a “knock ’em dead” presentation, or (insert your goal here!!!)  . . . there just “never seems to be enough time left over at the end of the day” to do these “non-urgent” tasks.

We know that in the long run, devoting time to these activities will be beneficial . . . but how can we possibly find the time to fit these tasks into our daily schedule?

There are a number of strategies that my clients have used successfully.  However, my #1 Tip is to schedule 15 minutes for this task at the beginning of your day.

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Let’s talk about the important pieces of this strategy.

  • Schedule – by blocking of time in your calendar you will make this a priority.
  • 15 Minutes – when you focus 15 minutes a day for 2 weeks and you have devoted over 2.5 hours learning a new skill.   This is the equivalent of a book, 2 webinars / podcasts, or 10 blog posts.
  • Beginning of Your Day – Before email.  Before “emergencies”. Before every one “needs a piece” of you.

Once we can devote a small chunk of time to learning time management skills, or LinkedIn, or presentation strategies, or (insert your goal here!!) we are able to move closer to achieving our goals.  We are able to be proactive.  We are now making choices – instead of letting our day “get away from us”.

I’m curious – what strategies do you use when you want to do something “important” and your day is filled with emergencies?  Please share below!

Be sure to check back all month for real life challenges and solutions.  Next, I’ll tackle Real Scenario #2 – “I’ll look into streamlining my schedule a few weeks from now when I have a little more time.”

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