How do you handle all the jobs that need to get done in your business? Multi-tasking sounds appealing; get several things done at once and save time. But in reality, actually a distraction and a time waster.  

You heard that correctly. You’re losing time, not gaining it when you multitask.

Many studies have explored the link between multitasking and losing time. According to the American Psychology Association and Forbes, we lose 40% of our productivity when we switch from task to task.  

As business owners, this is time we can’t afford to lose.

So, if multitasking isn’t the answer – what is?


Enter batching for the win!

This is the practice of grouping similar tasks together. It is a proven process that increases focus, efficiency, and productivity. This system can be set up for tasks that are done on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis. I recommend doing it for all four.

How to Get Started  

  • The first step is to list all the tasks that must get done in your business. 
  • Next, color code them by occurrence: daily, weekly, monthly, and annually.
  • Then, batch these tasks into categories so similar tasks are together. I batch tasks by admin, content (marketing), content (teaching), people (networking), and people (clients) – as that is how my brain works. However, be creative with your categories! The goal is to help your brain can stay in one type of thought process for as long as possible.
  • Block time in your calendar to complete each batch of tasks. Some blocks of time will be 20 minutes – others a full day.

Here are some examples:


Correspondence and Communication

Plan to address emails, phone calls, and project management boards twice a day in batches. Schedule one block before lunch and the other towards the end of the day. These are also great times to connect with your team and clients.



 Clean Up and Catch Up

 Set a day each week to prioritize these things: schedule and/or confirm the following week’s meetings, prepare for meetings, clean out your junk email, review your mileage & log receipts, plan for the following week, and prepare your to-do list – you guessed it – in batches. This is the time to also follow up with people you’ve met at networking events, potential clients, and vendors.



 Social Media and Marketing Content

 Blogs, newsletters, and social media posts can be batched months in advance. If you are already at your computer researching topics and crafting content, save your brain and stay in the content creation zone.



 Wrap Up and Gear Up

 Taxes, year-end wrap up, employee reviews, budgets, and goal setting for the new year. These are all necessary annual tasks in our businesses. This typically takes days, if not weeks, so block these tasks in multiple-day batches.

Planning Prevents Winging It 

In the beginning, batching might take some time to set up, but the results are worth it. You will quickly notice an increased mental capacity and a corresponding decrease in the time it takes to complete each task individually.  


I’m curious – what are some similar tasks you can batch together? Post below!