It’s easy to fall into the all-or-nothing trap when delegating a project. “Either I delegate the entire project or I do the entire project myself”

However, in reality, you can actually break the project into smaller parts – keep one (or more) of the parts for yourself and delegate the rest. This is a delegating strategy called DEFINING the project.


For example, if one of your current tasks involves creating a newsletter for your community, you might realize that your specific Zone of Genius contribution is developing the core message, creating the video, or figuring out the overall strategy. The rest of the tasks, such as designing the layout, managing the distribution, and creating the graphics could be completed by other team members. 

Another area to explore is your role in meetings. Do you need to be present in every meeting? Do you need to be present for the duration of every meeting? You may only need to be present at the introductory meetings with new clients to introduce yourself, interact with the clients for a few minutes, and then make the handoff to the staff member who would be primarily responsible for managing the client’s project. After the handoff, your presence in the meeting may no longer be required.

Recently I just used this delegating strategy when writing this blog. I used to think that in order to write this blog . . . I needed to WRITE THE BLOG! It would take me a really long time (usually 3-5 hours per post). However, what I’ve shifted is delegating to and ChatGPT. 


  • I create a video (it could be a Facebook Live, sometimes it is a video for my Delegate Like a Pro Accelerator course, sometimes it is just a random video I do on my phone in my pjs that no one will ever see) 
  • then I download the video, 
  • put the transcript into, 
  • have ChatGPT clean up the transcript, 
  • THEN I use the cleaned up transcript to write the blog.

Though it is more steps, it actually takes me about an hour. Still my words. Still my thoughts. Much less mental energy. Much less time.

Where can you rethink your role in a project? We teach this 2.0 strategy and others in the Delegate Like a Pro Accelerator. Wondering if this is the best option for you and your team, schedule a short call