The AWE Inspired 30 Day Challenge is winding down.  Many participants are posting about the progress they have made towards accomplishing their goals using dedicated, laser focus.

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However, lately, whenever I walk into a meeting, networking event, or just to meet a friend for lunch I hear, “Oh my goodness, Lisa, I need to apologize!  I know I signed up for the AWE Challenge, but I just haven’t been able to post consistently (or work consistently, or open the emails consistently, or . . . . )”

Don’t worry – I’m not offended!


Really, I’m not offended.  In fact, struggling to complete goals over time is common.  (How many of your New Year’s Resolutions have you completed this year?)  According a recent Google search, 25% of us stop working towards achieving a goal after a week, 36% after a month, and 54% after 6 months

This is why I offer one-on-one, customized, coaching programs.

  • Sometimes, your goal is just “too big” to tackle on your own.
  • Sometimes, your life is just “too busy” to figure out how to find the time to work towards your goal.
  • Sometimes, the momentum and excitement fades before you accomplish your goal.

No matter the reason, a personalized coaching program is the answer.

Let me show you how you can create the life of your dreams by applying dedicated, focus energy towards your goals.  Schedule your Discovery Strategy Session now to explore how working together will change your life.

And stop apologizing when I walk into the room!

P.S. Though I would love to work with you as one of my valued private coaching clients, if you aren’t ready to invest the time to change your life, this program isn’t for you. What is most important to me is that you MAKE A DECISION before you close this post. Please don’t let this be one more thing you need to “think about.” Nothing will keep you from your dreams faster than delaying decisions. So, YES or NO, trust and move forward. If YES, invest in yourself today by scheduling a time to chat at

What are other people saying???


* “I love working with Lisa, because it is quickly evident that this is not just a business for her. She cares about me personally, and her genuine desire for me to succeed is second only to mine! Lisa is the real deal, and her impact on my life has been profound.”  Beth Schuster, mom of 7


* “It was really helpful talking to others with the same challenges.  I had a big “ah ha” moment in realizing that although I know I have a problem with managing time there are concrete steps I  can take to overcome it. This seems so basic but it took something like your seminar for me to really want to do something about it.”  Stacia Clawson, Executive Director


* “I came to Lisa with a problem that was keeping me from moving forward with a particular professional endeavor. I was confused and unclear as to how to proceed and no matter how many ways I thought about it, I was not able to gain clarity. With only one 30-minute session with Lisa, I was able to address and accomplish my goal. With each question she asked, I gained confidence and with that clarity. She asked the right questions at the right time and allowed me to reach my own conclusions. The relief and happiness I felt at the end of our session was overwhelming. Lisa helped quiet the tornado of thoughts and questions that had been hanging over my head. I highly recommend taking this journey with Lisa.”  Nicole Lincoln, The Organized Ladybug