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Amanda Griffith
Doubled My Income
“I have doubled my income since I began working with Lisa. It feels wonderful! The work-free Friday is also totally wonderful, and surprising. I am beginning to plan for my future in a new way and Lisa has helped me rise to this new level.” – Amanda Griffith

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Build Your Capacity

Are you ready to increase your capacity so you can reach your full potential? You can work smarter, not harder and achieve more without giving up your nights and weekends. Find out more …

Lisa Crilley Mallis speaking

Speaker that Delivers

Are you looking for a fun and knowledgeable speaker for your next event? Entertaining and educational, Lisa will personalize her content to fit the needs of your group. Find out more …

Let’s talk!

Do you find yourself using evenings and weekends to catch up on everything on your plate? Increase your capacity and save your “me” time – take immediate action toward achieving your goals! Apply for a complimentary Discovery Session!

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Your Free Gift

Life is all about doing what you love! Yet, because you are successful, your typical day has each minute filled with an activity and at the end of the day your “to-do” list still full. You can change that!!!!!

Download your complimentary Magic 168 Action Guide by filling out the box below!

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