“I just can’t keep up with the emails and phone calls!”

My client (we will call her Becky), a financial advisor, shared this concern with me last week. In two days the number of emails, phone calls, and text messages increased from about 30 per day to over 250.

Clients were calling freaking out about the market. They were calling wondering if they should apply for an EIDL or PPP loan. They were calling to find out if the information they needed for their taxes was ready. They were calling to see if now was the time to purchase a second home. They were calling to see if she and her family were healthy. (She really does have nice clients!)

And . . . every unanswered phone call prompted a follow-up email.

Plus, some clients were emailing multiple times. (Let’s not even talk about the other “regular business” emails and phone calls! I’m just talking client stuff here!)

No one person could possibly answer all the emails, phone calls, and texts, let alone get any work done.

If you can relate, keep reading!

Here’s the plan we developed:

  • Becky met with her admin for 15 minutes to identify the top 3 requests people had.
  • Her admin drafted a response for each of the top requests – and sent those out.
  • Her admin also added a FAQ page to the website with these responses.
  • Becky added a link to the FAQ page in her email signature and out-of-office response.

Just implementing these 4 steps reduced the incoming communication requests by over 70%!

15 minutes invested proactively with her admin saved Becky hours and hours (and HOURS) answering emails and returning phone calls…time she then spent getting her work done!

Truly a win-win!

Becky’s clients got the information they needed – and Becky got back to her Zone of Genius.

For more about Zone of Genius and how to delegate effectively, see these videos I created with Laura Licursi.
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In uncertain times, people crave information to lessen the uncertainty. What can you do today to lessen the uncertainty?

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