“Do the hard jobs first, the easy jobs will take care of themselves.” – Dale Carnegie

Welcome to another A.W.E. inspired post!


Try following this 3 step approach as you create change.

A – Awareness

What is most important to you – right here, right now?  What is most important to you next year?  Which are you going to focus on today?  What is your “hardest” job?

W – Work

What small steps can you implement today to move closer to finishing the “hard job”?

E- Evaluation

What’s next?  What worked?  What didn’t?  Now what?

Additional A.W.E. Inspired quotes are available here:

Change                                            Write It

Courage                                          Greatness

Action                                             Thinking

Doing                                              Do It



I challenge you to be A.W.E’d today. How can you create the life you want to live? What greatness is just around the corner? What’s the hardest thing you can do today?  Please post below!