Propel Your Productivity:
Delegate Like a Pro Accelerator

Do you …

  • Take your work home but you’re too tired to take the papers out of your bag?

  • Sneak into the bathroom to answer emails during family time?

  • Have a whole list of business development projects that you fear you’ll never find the time to start?

  • Justify working at 6 AM on the weekends by saying, “It’s OK – no one else is up yet”?

  • Feel guilty about assigning tasks to your team because you’re worried they don’t have the capacity – so you do them yourself?

If you answered YES to 2 or more – then it’s time to learn how to delegate better.

Your business and your sanity depend on it.


“BUT – I’ve tried delegating before and it was a DISASTER…”

In fact, if you are anything like most Delegate Like a Pro Accelerator participants, you experienced at least one of these:

  • Feel frazzled trying to figure out how to train your team to do the work – so you just do it yourself. (DLAP Module 1: WHY)

  • Have a hard time trusting that someone will be able to do the task as well as you could. (DLAP Module 2: WHO)

  • Sat at your desk with your mind spinning, not having a spare second to even figure out what you could possibly delegate. (DLAP Module 3: WHAT)

  • Know that you could finish it in just 10 minutes – so why bother taking 30 minutes to teach someone else?! (DLAP Module 3: WHAT)

  • Needed to redo a project at the last minute because the person you delegated it to did it incorrectly. (DLAP Module 4: HOW)

  • Had a team member storm off in a huff because they felt micromanaged. (DLAP Module 4: HOW)

  • Spent all day answering questions, and then ended up staying late in your office to get your own work done. (DLAP Module 4: HOW)

Lisa Mallis holding up and pointing to a sign that says in capital letters, "IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT!"

Here’s the deal. Delegating is a skill – and you never learned how!

When you learn how to Delegate Like a Pro, you will have an easy-to-implement, repeatable process to follow over and over (and over and over) each time you delegate.

  • No more guesswork.
  • No more wasted time.

  • No more taking back work at the last minute.
  • No more late nights.
  • No more stress.
  • No more frustrated team members.