Every one of us is different – and we each face different obstacles – with our lives and our businesses.   That’s why one-size-fits-all solutions don’t always speak to people. This is especially true when we talk about time management.  We need to see how a particular time management strategy or technique will address our specific situation if we have any hope of creating change.

So, my focus this month, is to address some of the most common time management challenges that I hear about from clients. Hopefully by using this approach – you will be able to identify with the challenge and implement a solution that works for you!

Here are a few I’m going to tackle:

  • “I’ll look into streamlining my schedule a few weeks from now when I have a little more time.”
  • “When I’m trying to reach a goal, I track my progress on notes of paper that I keep all over the house, and my system is taking me more time than it saves me.”
  • “I want to take steps to use my time better, but I when I slip up I get down on myself and it’s hard to keep putting the effort in.”
  • “I’m working hard to use my time better and make progress towards my goals, but it’s sort of a lonely process, and I think it would be more inspiring if I had people encouraging me and noticing the small successes.”
  • “I have a great idea, but I don’t know where to start, and the project is floundering. I will probably give it up and just keep on with my regular routine.”
  • “I set my goal and detailed my daily action steps, but the demands of the day always take precedence and real progress continues to elude me.”
  • “I feel that I must read newspapers before I can recycle them.  I don’t put my subscription on hold when I go out of town.  So then I have a ton of papers to go through when I get back, along with the new ones.  I feel that I might be missing something that I should or would want to know about.  Then I feel that I can’t read other material such as books or newsletters that I would like to read.  I know logically that there isn’t enough time in a day or a month (or longer) to read everything that I would like to read – so much to read & not enough time.”
  • “I’ve heard about the 80/20 Rule, but I’m not sure how I can apply that to my daily life more productive.”
  • “My obstacles are mental distractions. I think of something other than the original task, and lose focus quickly.”

If you are trying to create the life of your dreams – but “stuff” keeps getting in the way of the IMPORTANT tasks on  your to-do list – I encourage you to keep stopping by throughout the month for some possible solutions.

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Do you have a burning time management question?  What’s holding you back from being efficient and effective each day?  What derails you from achieving your BIG goal?  Please, post below!  I’ll provide some strategies this month.

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