Today’s scenario is near and dear to my heart!  Usually I serve my clients in the virtual arena – but every so often I’ll meet someone for our first session in their work space.  AND – usually the first thing I notice is the “little stacks of paper” or “post-it notes” or ” post-it notes, little slips of paper, and multiple notebooks” scattered on every surface.

As promised, I’m continuing my focus this month on offering solutions to some of my clients’ most common time management challenges. Hopefully today’s scenario and strategies hit near and dear to your heart also!

In the previous posts in this series, I addressed “This may sound ridiculous, but I’m so busy, I don’t even have time to read about time management techniques, let alone practice them.”  and “I’ll look into streamlining my schedule a few weeks from now when I have a little more time.”  Be sure to check them out an leave a comment if you haven’t yet.

Today let’s talk about Real Life Scenario #3:  “When I’m trying to reach a goal, I track my progress on notes of paper that I keep all over the house, and my system is taking me more time than it saves me.”

My thoughts:  It certainly can be frustrating to look all over the place for your notes.  Especially when you create the “perfect plan” and then you can’t find it later.  Or, you wrote down some next action steps after you brainstormed with a team member on a scrap of paper, then find it a month later on the bottom of the pile.  Or . . . have you ever used the parking lot strategy and then lost your parking lot?

[Tweet ” I know that information is “right here”!”]

My advice – ONE PLACE to capture new information:

  • If you are a tactile learner like am, get a notebook or a calendar with plenty of room to write, and write down your ideas, plans, next action steps, contact information, to-do lists in one place.
  • If you prefer a digital solution – your phone is a great place to capture information.  (AND – most of us usually have this with us at all times!)

I also suggest ONE PLACE to capture long term information.  These two places do not need to necessarily be the same.

  • Each project can have it’s own folder – whether hard copy or digital (i.e. Google Drive).
  • Each goal can have it’s own tracking system – such as a white board on your office wall or an app on your phone (i.e. to count calories or exercise)

Once you can retrain yourself to capture information in the same spot each time, the “chasing little bits of paper” dilemma will be solved.

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Be sure to check back all month for real life challenges and solutions.  Next, I’ll tackle Real Life Scenario #4 – “I want to take steps to use my time better, but I when I slip up I get down on myself and it’s hard to keep putting the effort in.”

What are some of your strategies (or challenges) for dealing with “little scraps of paper”?  Please post below!


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