Today’s time management challenge comes from a close friend of mine.  I love her dearly – and can really feel her pain when we talk about this.  Maybe you can relate also?

Real Life Scenario #5 – “I’m working hard to use my time better and make progress towards my goals, but it’s sort of a lonely process, and I think it would be more inspiring if I had people encouraging me and noticing the small successes.”

Just yesterday I had a very successful entrepreneur say to me, “Oh my goodness – just talking that out with you was so helpful.  I think I fell into that trap that many of my clients fall into.  When working in isolation, I have no one to bounce ideas off of – and I lost my way for a moment.”

It can be a lonely process working towards our goals.  My advice – partner up to power up!

Find a supportive environment!

  • a power partner,
  • a group with common goals,
  • a community with a common focus.

(For suggestions on supportive people, please visit this previous post!)

Why do it alone?

When you bring just one other person with you on your journey  –

  • You become so much stronger.
  • Someone else is there to offer encouragement.
  •  To provide some external motivation when you just “don’t want to do it”.
  •  To celebrate all the successes (big and small) along the way.
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If you’ve been following my posts this month – you know that I’m tackling real life time management scenarios all month long.  If you have missed a previous post – be sure to check out any that apply to YOUR life.

Be sure to stop back as I tackle Real Life Scenario #6 – “I have a great idea, but I don’t know where to start, and the project is floundering. I will probably give it up and just keep on with my regular routine.”

Your turn!  Who is in your cheering section?  Where do you find support?  Please share!

Would you like to join my supportive environment?  The Motivated for Action Group Coaching Experience starts soon.  Here you can be a group with like minded individuals striving to create change!

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