The Delegation & Elimination category focuses on creating more time in your schedule by eliminating and delegating activities. Also included is techniques on how to say no.

Navigating the Deadline Dilemma: The Art of Delegation and Trust

2024-03-14T16:19:43-04:00By |Delegation and Elimination|

There is a fine line between managing and micromanaging. How do you strike the right balance to support your team effectively, especially during crunch time? I recently heard this question from the owner of a boutique marketing agency. Meet Mary (the owner), and Sarah, one of her key team members. As they navigate a crucial upcoming deadline, Mary is grappling with the challenge of [...]

The Password Predicament: A Tale of Delegation Gone Awry

2024-01-26T11:43:39-05:00By |Checklists & Systems, Delegation and Elimination|

Today we delve into delegation through a real-life case study. This tale began when one of my clients was going to be unreachable for a few days and needed her assistant to handle last-minute registrations. Typically there are a lot of last-minute questions and they wanted to make sure they had a plan to seamlessly address these if/when the business owner was unavailable. They [...]

Save the Date: Unlock Your Zone of Genius!

2024-01-24T16:57:45-05:00By |Delegation and Elimination|

Ever feel overwhelmed, constantly juggling tasks, and struggling to spend time in your zone of genius? You're not alone. Join us on January 25 and revolutionize the way you approach your business and life. "Unlock Your Zone of Genius: Master What to Delegate" Imagine confidently handing off tasks, freeing up your time to focus on what you do best. It's time to delegate more, [...]

Ho Ho Ho…Remember the NO!

2023-12-15T14:14:30-05:00By |Delegation and Elimination|

The holiday season is in full swing…are you stressed yet? At this time of year, we need to manage our time more than ever. And here’s the key - remember to say NO to what doesn’t fit your plan! The mid-winter season is usually full of parties and gatherings, gifts and mail, and decorating and housekeeping. You have a lot [...]

How to Spend Less Time Answering Questions at Work

2023-02-07T16:36:18-05:00By |Delegation and Elimination, Prioritizing|

How much time per week do you spend answering questions at work? I’ve recently heard from three different clients who were struggling with the same challenge related to delegating - answering too many questions throughout their day (and as a result, having less time to accomplish important tasks). Let me set the stage. All 3 business owners: Love what they do and are worn [...]

Here’s How to Work Less This Summer!

2022-07-06T11:54:11-04:00By |Delegation and Elimination, Prioritizing|

When I think "summer," I think of three things: Eliminate, Automate and Delegate. Let me explain why... One of the best things I’ve ever done was to create summer hours for my business. And, one of the great pleasures of having a few hours to myself every week is spending time reading books that inspire and motivate me to be a better business owner. [...]

Are You Too Busy to Hire Help?

2022-06-08T15:12:32-04:00By |Delegation and Elimination, Zone of Genius|

Effective time management means devoting time to work ON the business as well as IN the business. No matter how busy you are, you need to have time to create processes and systems, plan and think, and grow. So what happens when you have too much work to get it all done? You delegate. And what happens when you don't have time to hire [...]

3 Complex Delegating Challenges

2022-06-15T15:39:55-04:00By |Delegation and Elimination|

Why in the world should you master the art and skill of delegating? The easy answer is that there are 168 hours in the week. Some of that time you're sleeping, you're eating, your spending time with family and friends. You have a finite amount of time where you can actually work on your business, and you want to make sure that you're doing [...]

The Importance of Guardrails When Delegating

2022-06-15T15:42:06-04:00By |Delegation and Elimination|

Delegating can be tough! You want your team members to take ownership of the role, yet they can’t read your mind. So, how can you make the process easier? First - think about the task or project. Is it a repeatable, process-driven task or is it more nuanced? Once you figure out an easy way to capture a process, moving those repeatable tasks off [...]

Productivity vs Efficiency

2022-08-08T12:21:06-04:00By |Delegation and Elimination, Productivity|

What's the key difference between productivity and efficiency? "Productivity" - is an enticing buzzword that keeps many small business owners running in circles. (In fact, I called myself a “productivity consultant” for a while!) You know what I mean . . . the next new "shiny object." Always looking for the newest productivity app, productivity book, and anything you can get your hands on [...]

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