As promised, I’m continuing my focus this month on offering solutions to some of my clients most common time management challenges. Hopefully by using this approach – you will be able to identify with the challenge and implement a solution that works for you!

In the last post of this series, I addressed “This may sound ridiculous, but I’m so busy, I don’t even have time to read about time management techniques, let alone practice them.”  Be sure to check it out an leave a comment if you haven’t yet.

Today let’s talk about Real Life Scenario #2:  “I’ll look into streamlining my schedule a few weeks from now when I have a little more time.”

My thoughts:  This may seem the same as Real Life Scenario #1 mentioned above . . . and it is similar . . . especially because the strategy I suggest is to do a little bit each day.  The difference is that usually people consider this an “all or nothing” type of situation.  Either we have a streamlined schedule or we don’t.  I don’t consider this a black and white situation.  I consider the effectiveness of our schedules a continual work in progress.

One of my favorite quotes is “If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over” by John Wooden.

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This is the approach I take with streamlining our lives.  Start with today, and ask yourself, “What strategy can I implement today that will make my tomorrow easier?”  Then make this adjustment.  Eventually – after a few weeks – your schedule will be MORE streamlined.

Hoping things will be “easier” in a few weeks usually isn’t a realistic strategy.

Some possible examples:

  • Clear a block of time later in the week to make all your sales calls.  Then, schedule a time slot for this activity every week.
  • Decide today which day each week you want to do all your writing (or paperwork, or errands, or . . .) and schedule it.  Maybe you don’t currently have a block of time large enough for this activity in the near future – no problem – find the first day you DO have sufficient time and schedule it then.  Then replicate every week.
  • Would you prefer to hold all your client appointments on Tuesday and Thursday?  Then take the necessary steps today to turn this into reality in a few weeks.
  • Are you considering taking a long weekend once a month?  Start today to figure out how to clear a Monday or Friday in your schedule.  On which days can you slide those other obligations?

We don’t need all the “stars to align” in order to create a “streamlined” schedule.  We do need to take baby steps each day working towards our ideal situation.  Otherwise, I’ll start in “a few weeks” never gets here!

Be sure to check back all month for real life challenges and solutions.  Next, I’ll tackle Real Life Scenerio #3 – “When I’m trying to reach a goal, I track my progress on notes of paper that I keep all over the house, and my system is taking me more time than it saves me.”

What are some of your strategies (or challenges) for streamlining your schedule?  Please post below!

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