Mulitasking . . . good, bad, or depends?  This is a question I’m asked quite often from my clients – and my answer is, “It depends . . . when you say “multitasking” what do you really mean?  What exactly ARE you doing when you multitask?”

Some activities when completed at the same time can be “good” (translation – actually save time!).  Others, “bad” (translation – actually take more time to complete.)

For a better idea of exactly what I’m talking about . . . visit my guest post over on Janet Barclay’s blog.

Yep – it’s true – I actually had the opportunity to create a post for Janet (BIG DEAL – I KNOW!!!!)  Janet, the Organized Assistant, is a full-time virtual assistant and web designer.  You will be AMAZED by the amount of quality information you can find on her site!

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