Faithful readers of my blog know that when it comes to time management, I LOVE to use A.W.E. Whether I am working towards a goal, creating change, or problem solving throughout the day – it’s important to create AWARENESS, WORK with laser focus, and EVALUATE the results.

I’m thrilled to introduce Delia Rusu from Blog Formatting this week as a guest blogger.  Her tips on Spring Cleaning Your Blog fall right into the three steps of A.W.E.  Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together?  (Plus, who can’t get behind a 12-step checklist???!!!)

Thanks, Delia, for sharing your wisdom!!!



I simply love spring-cleaning.


No, I don’t, I really don’t. But I like to spring clean my blog.


Getting rid of ads you don’t need anymore, simplifying menus, removing items that are past their date…


However, I hear that not many bloggers are crazy about doing it, just like I’m not crazy about the “regular” spring-cleaning.


So I thought I’d share this easy 12-step list with you so you get some ideas.


Even if you do one from each category or focus on a single section at a time (like you’d do with a room in your house), you’ll be oh, so glad you did!


Ah, the fresh air of a clean blog! Shall we start?


Menus and layout

  1. Dusting: Take out any boxes about events or offers that have passed.
  2. Washing: Check out your menus and options under them: are they still applicable? Should you change the menu names?
  3. Sweeping: Do you really have to have so many ads on the blog? Maybe you can leave a few on the main page but move the rest to a separate section.


About page

  1. Cleaning your mat: Add some recent images to your About page.
  2. Vacuum under the bed: Read the About page one more time and take out any unnecessary details.
  3. Neat your closets: Check if the contact information and social media links are correct.


Formatting and links

  1. Wax your posts. Add spacing, format better, headings and subheadings so it’s easier to read.
  2. Open the windows to the world. Add links to existing topics on your blog or to external sources.
  3. Discard expired information. Read existing posts and update if needed.



  1. Defrost old images. Yes, those ones that you added in a hurry, I’m sure you can find something better now, please replace them.
  2. Do you have really bad or no images at all? Shine them by adding text and your blog URL, they are going to be great for Pinterest sharing!
  3. Organize the pantry. Add titles and descriptions to images for a SEO boost.


These are easy tips you can apply today to clean your blog and have it in awesome shape for spring!


And if you want to be kept accountable to do the work, join the Boost your blog in 6 weeks course – a new series starts May 5!


Check out more details and join, I’d love to help you clean your blog and more!


delia-rusu-profile-smallDelia Rusu is a blogging coach and consultant. She can help you conquer both your mindset (that tells you your writing is not good enough) and also your fear of the techie stuff.

 She knows you’re passionate and want to get your message out there through blogging, but you just haven’t found out what works yet or you gave it up too soon.

 Delia can help you blog confidently and consistently, get readers and comments, and get more visibility online!

Visit her website, Blog Formatting to download one of the cool freebies available. Connect with Delia on Facebook and Twitter.


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