Take a look at a social media post by any entrepreneur and you’ll find frequent references to stress, exhaustion, confusion. The cause? Juggling!! No, not balls or bowling pins – but tasks and time and family and business and needs and… and…

As a Time Strategy Visionary, I’ve been privileged to work with many jugglers, some more successful than others.  Take Amanda for example. A very busy coach and speaker, Amanda was dropping the occasional ball and working many more hours than she wanted to. But she took action to change all that!

“Even though I am paying a little more money out in support staff, I still have much more coming in than I need now, and it feels wonderful! The work-free Friday I am about to experience tomorrow is also totally wonderful, and surprising.”

GO AMANDA!  I love that she knew what she wanted to accomplish and went for it!

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Another coach, Jeannine (yes, even coaches need coaches!), told me that her biggest struggle was balancing family needs and her business. She took a long hard look at what was most important to her, what her strengths are, and how to organize it all into a system that works for her.

Finding critical ‘breathing space’ in my life enabling me to ask my questions and find my answers to create an organizing system that best fit my chosen, busy life!  Living life in the “AND” — which includes both my own business, Freshwater Coaching, and a family of three very active kids, demands a thoughtful, organized flow.  It wasn’t going to be found in an extra app for my phone or picking up a planner at the store.  I needed to step back and look at what I was doing and how best I could accomplish it given my strengths and weaknesses … create and claim a system and tools that would work for me!”

I’m so glad Jeannine was able to think in terms of “and” instead of “or” and still balance all her balls in the air!

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And Carol’s story is similar. A busy dog trainer, Carol struggled with the transition from full-time employee to owning her own business.

Despite having hired a few people to take some of the work load, I was struggling to find the time for the work that was truly important to the future of my business. Lisa helped me think differently about how to balance both the time I have available in my week and the work that must get done. I’ve adopted new strategies to prioritize and organize for the work. As a result, I have finally been able to accomplish some critical deliverables that will keep my business moving forward and thriving, and I have a system for maintaining that discipline going forward.”

Awesome job, Carol!

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The theme with all three of these clients was balance. Despite the juggling, the key for each was determining which balls were important to keep in play, what systems would accomplish that, and which balls to let drop.

Are you tired of juggling? Or do you enjoy juggling but need a better system? I hope these stories have been an inspiration to you to take action – feel productive, happy and balanced! And when you need just a little boost, call me!


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