What is the most exciting (or overwhelming or scary or intimidating) project on your list?

Have you started it?  Have you finished it?  You just know that this project can make each day easier, or generate additional income, or add enjoyment to your life.  Yet – you just can’t seem to get it done.

Why?  Could be a number of reasons.

  • This idea is out of your comfort zone.
  • You don’t know where to start.
  • The project seems overwhelming in size.
  • Too big of a time commitment.
  • You lost the “motivation”.

Yet – you just know completing the project could really make a difference.

Before starting any project I recommend listing out all the steps.  (For a more detailed explanation of how to break a project down into small, easy to accomplish steps read this previous post.)

Here’s a bonus idea.  Instead of putting each step on your SystemSavvy Consulting Project Worksheet as you start your planning, put each step on a Post-It note.

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This allows you some flexibility as you work through the thinking process.

  • Now as you think of a step you do not need to worry about WHO will complete the action.
  • OR which order the steps come in.
  • OR what resources you may need to complete each step.

You can just brainstorm!  No pressure!

Once you break the project down into the smallest steps possible – one per Post-It note – you can then start to create order.

  • Who is doing what?  You can group  your actions together by person responsible.
  • In what order?  You can create a time line effect with your Post-Its.  Possibly, depending on the size of the project, you can create multiple time lines if tasks can be occurring simultaneously.
  • Does an action step require resources?  You can group those Post-Its together to create a shopping list.

After deciding how you want to group your actions together, fill-out your Project Planning Worksheet, schedule your first tasks, and enjoy success.

A special thanks to Kathy England for sharing this technique!

Your turn!  What strategies do you use to accomplish big projects?

With a little coaching, you can easily achieve the perfect balance between your business and personal lives.  You can complete stalled projects.  You can develop a framework and a system that allows you to put first things first -and live a life of purpose, accomplishment, and fun.  You can turn ideas into action!

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