“In this world fueled by technology you must be excellent at multitasking just to keep up.”

“Multitasking ruins productivity. In order to be efficient and effective, you must be able to cultivate the art of single focus.”

“Multitasking doesn’t exist. It’s either background tasking or switch tasking. Excelling at background tasking will help you get ahead while switch tasking will lead to errors.”

“20% of the population can multitask with ease.”

“Women are better multitaskers than men.”

Believe it or not, I’ve heard these comments and more, all just in the past month. When it comes to time management, what is correct? (You can read more of my thoughts on this in Multitasking vs. Mindfulness and What is the Most Bizarre Case of Multitasking You Have Seen?)

Well . . . it depends!  (You knew I was going to say that, didn’t you!?)

[su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/lBzaMXGLkUU” width=”360″ height=”280″]

It depends on you, your strengths, the situation, the expected outcome and so much more!

To determine if multitasking should be a part of your time management plan – try the quick exercise in my special Multitasking Video Guide.  The results may surprise you!

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