I’m a HUGE fan of Cena Block and her Time and Space Style Inventory (TSSI). Anytime you can learn more about your personality, I think it’s valuable information to have. You are able to make more informed decisions, anticipate potential obstacles, and overall live with a higher awareness.

As a time strategy visionary, I found that to be able to gain these insights in the area of time management is phenomenal! To recognize where my clients are strong – and to give them specific strategies based on those strengths – what could be better? (FYI – if you are interested in taking the TSSI to find out about your preferences and strengths, click here.)

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I’m going to share MY experience with you today around the area of HOPPER and HYPER FOCUS.

According to Cena, “The Hopper and Hyper Focus Time Style Preferences” are aligned around how one manages priorities to create a pleasurable, stimulating yet comfortable feeling of well-being and productivity.

How you manage priorities is assessed by how well you:

  • Are able to maintain your perspective.
  • Use your energy in the most productive way for you.
  • Create effective transitions between priorities.
  • Balance multiple task productively.

Regardless of your personal scores, making choices that align actions with your style preference will help you regain or enhance equanimity and flow.

Yep – who doesn’t want to regain or enhance equanimity and flow?

So, I took the test – and I realized I am a product of my environment! I want to Hyper Focus – I really do!  (“The Hyper Focus style is absorbed by detail but may have trouble stopping one activity to transition to something new.”) When I’m working on a project I want to be ALL IN! I want to be able to work until I’ve completed the project – to the exclusion of all else. That’s just how I am.

HOWEVER, what I’ve found in reality is that, due to the number of ongoing projects on my plate, I tend to work like a HOPPER. (“Hoppers enjoy a variety and the spontaneity of switching tasks frequently, but may have trouble completing all the open items on their task list.”) I work on one project for an hour or so, then switch gears to another project, then hold a client call, then answer some emails, then jump on yet a third project. I’m still moving multiple things forward each day so I feel like I’m on top of my to-do list.

YUCK!  Can you see how this can be frustrating?! 

I want to work on ONE thing, yet I’m working on multiple things based on necessity!  Do you ever feel that you’re out of sync like this?

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Here are changes I made so I can work more the way I WANT to work, but still move multiple projects forward.

  1. I block off one day each month as a Get It Done Day. (Thank you Mary Cravets for the idea!).  Here, I use the ENTIRE day to work on my most important project. During my last Get It Done Day, I created a new webinar and all the supporting materials that went with it!
  2. I create larger blocks of time each day to work on projects. Instead of 3 projects for 1 hour each on Monday,  I block off 2 hours on Monday for project #1, 2 hours on Tuesday for project #2, and 2 hours on Wednesday for project #3.  This allows me to create more of a single focus each day.
  3. I answer email at the beginning and end of the day – leaving the rest of day for clients and project work.
  4. I turn off ANYTHING that could distract me during my “project time”. Email is OFF. Phone is OFF. All internet browsers are CLOSED. Because I like to hyper focus I eliminate all the distractions I can.
  5. I activate Cool Timer to make sure I don’t “lose myself” in the work.  If you like to hyper focus you know exactly what I mean! Hours could go by without my even realizing it.

The important thing is to stay true to yourself – work the way YOU want to work, while still being productive.

It’s YOUR turn! TALK to me! Comment below – what have you realized about your work style? Have you taken the TSSI – what have you learned about your time and space preferences?

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