One of my favorite quotes is, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but 7 apples on Sunday just gives you a stomach ache.”    I have NO IDEA where I first heard this . . . but my interpretation is consistent action every day is far better than doing nothing all week, and then “catching up” on Sunday.

Usually when we think about applying consistent action, the action is related to creating a change.   Maybe the change is health related, maybe it is related to marketing, maybe to learning a new skill.  Either way, chipping away at it a little bit at a time creates the best results.

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One of my “consistent action” stories has to do with the Ultimate Blog Challenge.  Through this challenge I was exposed to wonderful, interesting, and dedicated bloggers – daily.  I continue to make it a priority to reach out to these creative individuals to connect – how can I serve them and their community?  What amazing talents are they bringing to the table that I can tap into for my community?

One of these bloggers is Keri Kight.  Keri helps women enjoy themselves and enjoy life.  Next week I’ll be sharing a guest post from Keri about finding your happiness.

In the meantime since today’s topic is about creating change I’m inviting you to check out Keri’s blog for my guest post “Are You Ready to Create Change?”

Once there, please leave a comment!  I promise, it’s worth your time to make the extra “click” to get to the post!

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