Congratulations on surviving the holiday season and end of the year “busy-ness”.  If you had the opportunity to read any of the previous 9 “have a stress free end of the year” posts, hopefully you were able to do more than just “survive” – and instead THRIVED!!!

You may be wondering why I created a post about creating a stress-free end of the year a week into the new year.

Because, now is the perfect time to evaluate your success over the past few months – while everything is fresh in your mind!!!!
  • What worked?
  • What can you adjust to create an even better experience next year?
  • When do you want to start your planning for next year?
  • What is the first action step you need to schedule?
  • Who can you delegate various activities to?
  • Which activities did you enjoy the most?
  • What do you wish you could have done that you didn’t have time for?
  • What activities will you eliminate for next  year?
  • What can you organize now – to make next year even more successful?
  • What systems can you put into place today?
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I encourage you to read the first 9 posts in this series and make some notes for next year – while everything is fresh in your mind!

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A Place for Everything – Using a Holiday Notebook

Your turn!  What was your favorite part about the end of this year?  Please post below!

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