Stubborn or Tenacious?

Stubborn or tenacious... both flip sides of the same coin. And both characteristics that have served me well . . . and not well . . . in the last week! 😊 Let me set the stage. I had 2 days cleared on my calendar for a class that I’m taking out of town. This class meets once a month for a year and [...]

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Help! I Just Need Time to Think!

“I know that the most important thing I can do in my position is to think. Yet I find that even though I set aside time in my calendar every week to plan, reflect, review, and think about big-picture projects, I seldom actually keep that appointment with myself. There just always seems to be something more urgent. Ideas?” Whether you are a business owner, [...]

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57% of Business Owners Work More Than 6 Days a Week

I was shocked when I read the stats from a recent Gallup/Wells Fargo poll that more than half of business owners work at least 6 days a week. (And, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 25% of hourly and salaried workers take work home regularly.) Put plainly, if you think you are only working 40 hours per week, you are kidding yourself. Now, [...]

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Reduce Your Time by 50%!

Did you know that completing one task could take at least 50% longer than it should, depending on the time of day? Think back to a time you FORCED yourself to complete a project. Remember the struggle? You were distracted by every shiny object. You kept telling yourself, “Just 15 more minutes – you can do anything for 15 minutes.” Then, you realized you [...]

How to Eliminate Questions After You Delegate

When it comes to delegating, these are the top 3 challenges I hear from my clients. (I shared some strategies to help with the first two challenges in previous eblasts, so be sure to check out the links below if you missed them.) Who do I delegate to? My staff is already overloaded. How do I make sure that person I delegate to actually does it [...]

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You Didn’t Build Your Business by Being Perfect

You can gain the equivalent of an extra work day each month just by delegating 30 minutes a day. Yep - 30 minutes a day! Yet, many of my clients resist delegating because it can be a tough skill to master. Here are the top 3 challenges I hear from my clients: Who do I delegate to? My staff is already overloaded. (Click here [...]

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My Top Advice for Project Success

Imagine, you have your project list in front of you. You have chosen three projects to focus on, they all relate to your goals.  And, you’ve added the project to your Rule of Three list each day. Yet, you aren’t making much progress. When it comes time to work on the project, you decide to spend time working on something else. (Or you don’t even consciously decide - you [...]

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How Time + Energy Equals Productivity

When you find yourself feeling frustrated by a  lack of progress at the end of the day, what you need is to be able to control your to-do list so you can feel a sense of accomplishment. I've talked before about using your unique energy style to your advantage. Schedule tasks according to how your energy ebbs and flows throughout the day and get more [...]

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Protect YOUR Big Yes and Learn to Say NO

I hear this from my well-meaning, caring clients all the time - "She asked and I just couldn't say no." Think about it ... when your day is already packed morning to night, the only way to fit that new task in is to NOT do something else! “It takes 1000 ‘no’s’ to protect your BIG ‘yes’!” ~ Gary Keller Do you feel like [...]