Multi-tasking, multi-tasking, multi-tasking!!!  Good time management strategy?  Poor time management strategy? This is certainly an interesting topic in time management circles.

  • Some experts claim that multi-tasking is nonproductive in all instances.
  • Others claim that multi-tasking can be beneficial.
  • Still others straddle the line stating that multi-tasking could be helpful, depending on the circumstance.

Regardless of what the experts believe, advocate, and teach – the reality is that many (many, many, many!) people do multi-task.  Previously, I created a post for Get Organised (a FABULOUS company with offices in South Africa and Ireland) that explores the top three reasons why people multi-task.

Today’s post – the next one in the series examines one of the CONS of multi-tasking  . . . safety.  If your attention is divided between two tasks – are you putting yourself at risk?  I’ve gathered stories from all over the globe demonstrating that multi-tasking can be unsafe.

I invite you to explore these amusing, scary, and interesting results of multi-tasking.

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