Delegating Strategy 2.0 – Define

2023-10-31T21:48:22-04:00By |Events, News, Productivity|

It’s easy to fall into the all-or-nothing trap when delegating a project. “Either I delegate the entire project or I do the entire project myself”.  However, in reality, you can actually break the project into smaller parts - keep one (or more) of the parts for yourself and delegate the rest. This is a delegating strategy called DEFINING the project.   For [...]

5 Ways to Work Smarter, Not Harder

2023-05-22T18:21:56-04:00By |Productivity, Uncategorized|

It is so easy to get lost in the endless cycle of working longer and longer hours. It’s a slippery slope, but you’re not planning to do it forever, right?! Just until you get “this project done”. 🙂 So many of my clients when we first start working together wear their “I’m so busy” almost like a badge of honor - "I worked 80 [...]

Coming Soon: Propel Your Productivity 5-Day Delegating Workshop

2023-02-23T13:54:48-05:00By |Events, News, Productivity|

There are only 168 hours in the week - the way to grow your business and still have time for YOU - is to delegate some of the work. However, delegating can be challenging! How do you know what tasks to delegate - and which to do? Why does it take so darn long to delegate? Every time you delegate, you answer questions all [...]

What is Your Procrastination Trigger?

2022-11-29T10:29:11-05:00By |bottleneck, Distractions and Procrastination, Goal Setting and Mind Set, Prioritizing, Productivity|

According to Tim Pychyl, author of Solving the Procrastination Puzzle, everyone procrastinates. The key to increasing your productivity is decreasing the time you procrastinate. Simple, right?  Not usually!  In order to decrease the amount of time you procrastinate, you must know the answers to these questions:  What tasks do you typically put off doing?  What’s the stopping point or trigger on these tasks?  How do you [...]

Questions to ask a Productivity Coach

2022-05-24T13:23:23-04:00By |AWE, Checklists & Systems, Productivity|

Now that you’ve recognized you need a productivity coach, the next step is figuring out who is the right fit for you! I chose some of the questions that potential clients ask me (and they tend to be the same questions I ask when looking for a coach) to help you narrow it down. Let’s start with questions you should ask internally.  [...]

How to Create a System to Implement Your To-Dos

2021-10-11T13:16:25-04:00By |Productivity|

Imagine organizing paperwork for your bookkeeper only to find a Post-It note attached to the back of an invoice reminding you that a proposal is due . . . tomorrow! Depending upon your schedule for the rest of the day - and how much time you have available to complete the proposal - panic could ensue. A missed to-do almost created a missed opportunity! [...]

Time Management Challenges

2022-07-07T13:31:52-04:00By |bottleneck, Productivity|

I recently participated in a Strategic Planning Session for a non-profit board I'm on.  As we started digging into the vision of the organization for the future, the facilitator kept asking, "Does this answer the question 'What does good look like?'" Often, we realized, that answer was NO.  Sure, our vision was good for NOW . . . but not really good for the [...]

As Soon as This Project Is Finished…

2022-07-13T12:32:14-04:00By |AWE, Productivity|

One of the goals my client shared with me is to not take work home to do in the evenings or on weekends. She often took that time to catch up on a project or two when she should be relaxing! She came to our coaching call last week frustrated. She had spent a couple of hours over the weekend holed up in her [...]

Productivity vs Efficiency

2022-08-08T12:21:06-04:00By |Delegation and Elimination, Productivity|

What's the key difference between productivity and efficiency? "Productivity" - is an enticing buzzword that keeps many small business owners running in circles. (In fact, I called myself a “productivity consultant” for a while!) You know what I mean . . . the next new "shiny object." Always looking for the newest productivity app, productivity book, and anything you can get your hands on [...]

Now Is the Perfect Time to Build Routines!

2022-03-22T18:53:19-04:00By |Productivity|

Many of my clients have been in this “new normal” for a few weeks now - and are starting to fall into a routine. Routines are good - they allow you to regain some control over your day (which certainly helps reduce the stress) and they allow you to be more efficient since you don’t have to think about everything before you do it! [...]

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