Now that you’ve recognized you need a productivity coach, the next step is figuring out who is the right fit for you!

I chose some of the questions that potential clients ask me (and they tend to be the same questions I ask when looking for a coach) to help you narrow it down.

Let’s start with questions you should ask internally. 


What to consider before searching for a coach…

         1.  What is my budget?

    • How much is having more time and space in your day worth to you? Time is your greatest resource, once used you can never reclaim it.

Coaches offer value beyond the initial engagement. Skills learned will continue to be used years later. 

         2. How much time can I dedicate to this?

Working with a coach means you will need to set aside time for coaching appointments and implementing the strategies. Remember, the time you carve out for coaching now is time you regain later. 

         3. What measurable goals do I want to work on?

    • What would you like your day/week/year to look like?
    • Would you like more time for yourself in the evening and on the weekends?
    • Do you want to go to bed knowing you have time to accomplish tomorrow’s tasks without worry?
    • Do you want to be more present during your day?

           This question is hard, however, you don’t have to know how to get there. It’s your coach’s job to build the bridge from where you are to where you want to be. 


Great! Now how do you sort through possibilities?


Questions to consider when you’re searching for possible coaches…


      1. Can this coach offer me a tailored approach, as opposed to a blanket approach?

    • Each business owner is different, their strengths and challenges are different. Therefore, each solution needs to be as unique.

For example at Impactive Strategies, one of our greatest strengths is our tailored plan for each client. We will always build a comprehensive plan based on what’s going to work best for YOU, not everyone.  


       2.  What is the process like when you’re working with a coach?

    • The most effective coaches follow a structure for each engagement. You’re looking for a coach who has a tested process.

For example, we’ve developed our process after years of working with clients.

    •  The A. W. E. process incorporates three main parts; Awareness, Work, and Evaluation. 
      • Awareness – identify the problem
      • Work – fix the problem
      • Evaluate – evaluate the progress


         3.  How flexible can they be to adapt to my needs?

You’re unique. Your solutions should be also. Often priorities change partway through a coaching engagement as new information comes to light. Your coach needs to be flexible and able to adapt to these new priorities.


Now that you’ve found a few matches, here’s what to ask when you’re face to face. 


What to ask when meeting with your prospective coach…

1.  Does their personality and/or work style match mine?

It’s not all business. You should find a coach that matches your drive, desire, and convictions! 

  • Does this coach mesh with me personally and professionally? 
  • Will communication be effortless? 
  • Is their schedule comparable to mine? 

2. Can you show me examples of how you’ve helped others?

This is crucial. Make sure when you’re meeting with a potential coach, they have plenty of examples of their previous work. You will want to work with someone who has done work similar to what you’re looking to accomplish.

  •  Ask to see testimonials or recommendations from past clients. 
  • This is an investment, reach out to some of their past clients and hear for yourself how happy they were. Are they in a place you’d like to be in? 

3. Ask about a time they pushed a client out of their comfort zone?

In order to see your true capabilities, you will need to step out of your comfort zone. 

  • Find examples of how they worked with clients to achieve more. A strong coach can see more for you than you see for yourself. 


These are just a few examples of what I find to be most important when searching for my own coach. And questions expect my clients to ask me. (Good coaches have coaches too. BONUS QUESTION: Ask the coach who their coach is!)

 Don’t be afraid to ask more in-depth questions to really find out what you need to know. Coaching is an investment – and you want to make sure you’ve found the perfect fit solution. 

If you’re ready to see if Impactive Strategies is the perfect fit for you, schedule a call and ask us these questions!