One of the goals my client shared with me is to not take work home to do in the evenings or on weekends. She often took that time to catch up on a project or two when she should be relaxing!

She came to our coaching call last week frustrated. She had spent a couple of hours over the weekend holed up in her office working on copy for a program launch.

She justified working on the weekend because she just didn’t want to be behind when she got into the office on Monday. Plus, it was only going to be “this time” – as soon as this program launched, she would be “back to normal.”

Her husband looked her in eye and (kindly) said, “There will always be another project.”

It’s true.

There will always be another project!

The key is to identify the challenge that is keeping you from getting everything done – and then create the strategy to actually overcome that challenge!

The key isn’t to bury your head in the sand and assume things will get better just because you want them to.

Who doesn’t want to leave work at work and have time to do everything else that makes them a happy human?

This doesn’t happen without using the A.W.E. plan.

A – AWARENESS:  What is the actual productivity bottleneck that is keeping you from getting everything accomplished each day?

W – WORK:  What is the easy-to-implement strategy you can create to solve this challenge?

E – EVALUATION: Did the strategy work? And if it did work, did another bottleneck pop up to take its place?

That’s why the Fix Your Productivity Bottleneck in 28 Days program is based on A.W.E. concepts. Here you’ll get my secret formula for how to find your actual bottleneck, customizable strategies so you can actually FIX the problem for good, and ongoing implementation tactics.

This is the first time I’m offering these solutions in a group setting. I’m limiting enrollment to only 8 people so that I can have the time to dig deep with each participant. Also, you’re getting this experience at the lowest rate it will ever be! Register now…we begin in October!