Many of my clients have been in this “new normal” for a few weeks now – and are starting to fall into a routine. Routines are good – they allow you to regain some control over your day (which certainly helps reduce the stress) and they allow you to be more efficient since you don’t have to think about everything before you do it!

AND . . . routines can be BAD if you aren’t building them intentionally.

Your morning routine needs to be proactive and might include some of the following.:

Work diligently to avoid building a reactive routine which may include the following:

  • Aimlessly scrolling social media
  • Flipping news channels
  • Getting lost staring in space

Here’s a tip when building routines – keep your Biological Prime Time in mind. (More about BPT here.)

Create routines that focus on completing the tasks that require more brainpower during your peak BPT.

  • Academic reading
  • Creating processes
  • Detailed work

Create routines that focus on rejuvenating your energy level during your low BPT.

  • YouTube/podcasts
  • Easy emails
  • Creative work

The time between your high and low BPT is the perfect time for…

  • TED Talks
  • Conversations with clients/co-workers
  • Meetings

When you are able to build strong routines that focus on matching your tasks to your BPT, you will be on your path to maximizing your effectiveness. Which allows you to work less . . . and who doesn’t want that?