The Importance of Self Care

2018-02-13T11:01:36-05:00By |Awesome People, self-care|

Taking enough time to recharge your batteries is important – and though I’ve written on the subject before, I think it’s important to revisit often. (I’m guilty of letting my self care activities slide a bit when things get “busy.”) I reached out to some Cleveland business owners to see what they do to stay healthy, and here is what they said.  Feel free [...]

How To Grow Your Law Practice With A Virtual Assistant

2017-08-28T13:28:10-04:00By |Awesome People, Delegation and Elimination|

There's a common thread among business owners I meet and work with: they feel they must handle everything themselves. An important capacity-building step is to learn how to delegate tasks. And my friend Lisa Licursi of Elite Virtual Assistants has some important guidance on this step for lawyers! Laura understands that small or solo practices want to keep as much of their money as [...]

A New Attitude About Achievement

2017-07-21T15:27:06-04:00By |Awesome People, capacity|

If you have followed me for any length of time, you know that one of the most frequent issues my coaching clients face is achieving more with an already full schedule. No matter how talented, experienced or focused you are, you have only 168 hours in a week to get everything done! Solutions can include delegating, understanding how you use your time, and understanding [...]

How to Get More Done Without Going Nuts

2017-02-25T08:08:41-05:00By |Awesome People, capacity|

I recently had the privilege of participating in not one but TWO fabulous podcasts intended to help busy professionals achieve more while working less. Let's go over some key points from each. David Hooper of ProCoach Podcasts focused on how coaches and other helping professions can do more to support their clients without giving up their own precious time spent with family and friends. It is [...]

Burning Questions: How to Use Time Effectively

2016-12-07T20:00:01-05:00By |Awesome People, Delegation and Elimination|

Recently I had the privilege of having a conversation with the fabulous Meredith Liepelt of Rich Life Marketing, to answer some questions presented by her listeners and clients. I shared my experience and my clients' experiences with how to increase capacity and achieve more, but without giving up "me time." Meredith works with people who accomplish a lot and have high aspirations for themselves and [...]

Why Trying to Be on Ellen, Steve Harvey, and Good Morning America Keeps You Small

2016-12-07T20:00:03-05:00By |Awesome People, Goal Setting and Mind Set|

As I've described earlier, I recently attended the NAWBO Women's Business Conference. Several of the outstanding attendees made an impact, and one made a special impression on me: Meredith Liepelt of Rich Life Marketing. I asked Meredith if she'd be willing to share some important points with my readers. I think she hit it out of the ballpark with this post!  How much time do you [...]

What I Learned at the NAWBOWBC

2016-12-07T20:00:03-05:00By |Awesome People, Goal Setting and Mind Set|

I just returned from the NAWBO WBC, which is the Women's Business Conference sponsored by the National Association of Women Business Owners. What an experience! This is my second year attending (last year it was in San Antonio, this year in Columbus), and I certainly felt better prepared to navigate with my best business and personal interests in mind. Here's what I learned - [...]

Are You the Asked or the Asker?

2016-12-07T20:00:07-05:00By |Awesome People, Goal Setting and Mind Set|

Mary Cravets I've been fortunate to work with the AMAZING marketing and business coach Mary Cravets the past few months. As we strategically looked at my business, clients, part marketing efforts and goals we created a Marketing Blueprint of activities to accomplish each month. I love Mary's approach, as it deals with data. No second guessing. No throwing spaghetti against the wall hoping [...]

What Does Hopping Have To Do With Time Management?

2016-12-07T20:00:10-05:00By |Awesome People, Multi-tasking|

I'm a HUGE fan of Cena Block and her Time and Space Style Inventory (TSSI). Anytime you can learn more about your personality, I think it's valuable information to have. You are able to make more informed decisions, anticipate potential obstacles, and overall live with a higher awareness. As a time strategy visionary, I found that to be able to gain these insights in [...]

All I Want for Christmas is . . . HELP!

2016-12-07T20:00:11-05:00By |Awesome People, Overwhelm|

Christmas can be a tough time of the year for many reasons.  We take already "busy" lives and then add a number of commitments to our plate - then wonder why we feel frazzled and out of control.  We can easily fall into the "it needs to be perfect" trap.  (Feel free to define "it" any way you want!)  And don't get me started [...]

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