Mary Cravets

I’ve been fortunate to work with the AMAZING marketing and business coach Mary Cravets the past few months. As we strategically looked at my business, clients, part marketing efforts and goals we created a Marketing Blueprint of activities to accomplish each month.

I love Mary’s approach, as it deals with data. No second guessing. No throwing spaghetti against the wall hoping something sticks. We looked at what worked in the past, and created a plan to replicate that success. When it comes to marketing, I now know when I’m “done.” (I know you know what I mean: “I’ll just reach out one more time . . . just one more Facebook post . . . just one more . . . one more . . . one more . . .”)

Everyone walked away with actionable ways to better manage their time and priorities – and every one of the evaluations we received on the event was incredibly positive. ~ Tracy Burt, Director of Marketing, Akron Community Foundation

One of our strategies to increase my exposure is to speak weekly. I’ve really embraced this strategy, as I truly do enjoy educating (it comes from my background as a math teacher), however, it’s been a rocky transition for me.

Previously if someone asked me to speak, I’d say “Sure” and create something for them. So I was speaking just a couple times each year – and by request.

[Tweet “Professional growth comes from becoming the Asker as well as the the Asked.”]

Now, my goal is to speak roughly 45 times this year – and it’s by MY request. That can get a little scary . . . do they want me? Do they like my content? Do they like me? Or are they just so desperate for a speaker that they will take anyone?

Lisa has a way of engaging everyone in the room by putting her finger on exactly what each person’s pain point is & shows them how to move forward with purpose while having fun!” – Traci McBride, Chief Wardrobe Stylist, TeeMcBee Image Consulting

As I transition emotionally and mentally from being the “asked” to the “asker,” I realize it’s a great opportunity for professional growth. (Yep – ANOTHER opportunity!) Though I haven’t always embraced this change, I am becoming more and more and more comfortable with it – which helps me reach out in other areas as well.

Now it’s your turn. Are you the asked? Do you wait for others to come to you, or do you take the action, the initiative to do the asking? Trust me, the latter is what gets you on the track to success!

And speaking of success, I have a gift for you. Download your complimentary SystemSavvy Project Worksheet, and use it to complete an ASKING marketing plan for yourself!

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