Christmas can be a tough time of the year for many reasons.  We take already “busy” lives and then add a number of commitments to our plate – then wonder why we feel frazzled and out of control.  We can easily fall into the “it needs to be perfect” trap.  (Feel free to define “it” any way you want!)  And don’t get me started on gifts?!

Well, actually, DO get me started on gifts!

One of the best things you can “give” someone for the holidays is HELP!

Let’s take my client, Pat.  She’s a mom, a wife, a sister, an aunt, a business owner, a board member, a volunteer, and . . . (you get the drift!).  Each of these roles come with multiple commitments, to-do’s, and expectations.  During one of our sessions, she mentioned that the papers in her home office have just “gotten out of control – again.”

She was beating herself up: “Organizing papers ‘should’ be a skill that I have.  I ‘shouldn’t’ need to do a complete overhaul of my office every few months.”

She knows she struggles to work in chaos, yet she just can’t seem to “find the time” to get it organized – and has NO IDEA how to STAY organized.  (Well – with all her commitments, no wonder!!!!  Paperwork is NOT high on the list of priorities – until it becomes overwhelming!)

The challenge seems two-fold.  First, get her office under control.  Second, create an easy to follow system to keep her office under control.  Both areas she struggled with.  So, I suggested that she hire a professional organizer to help her.  Her response, “Oh – I couldn’t possibly spend money on something like that.  It’s just not in the budget.”

My response, “What if you received this as a gift for Christmas?”

AHHH – a HUGE weight was lifted off her shoulders!  HELP in her office was right around the corner!

Let’s admit it – at this point in our lives, we have the “material” things we need.

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But, the gift of HELP really is the gift that keeps giving. It’s personal, it’s useful, and it’s thoughtful. Wow – the Christmas Gift Trifecta!

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This year for Christmas, we asked our family to install our TV on the wall. The bracket thingy isn’t very expensive, but having someone install it, hide the wires, make sure it works – PRICELESS. (Yes, the fact I called it a bracket thingy explains why I need help!)

Next year, I’m asking for a professional window washer . . . no matter how hard I try, I just get streaks!  Ahh . . . imagine crystal clear windows . . .

Your turn!  What gifts of HELP would you like to receive?  A virtual assistant for a few hours?  One home cooked meal each month?  Leave me a comment below.

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(Image courtesy of Stuart Miles)