“Limitations live only in our minds.  But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” – Jamie Paolinetti

Welcome to another A.W.E. inspired post!


Try following this 3 step approach as you create change.

A – Awareness

What limitation is living in your mind?  What are your possibilities?

W – Work

What can you do today to turn a limitation into a possibility?

E- Evaluation

What’s next?  What worked?  What didn’t?  Now what?

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Additional A.W.E. Inspired quotes are available here:

Change                                            Write It

Courage                                          Greatness

Action                                             Thinking

Doing                                              Do It

Time                                               Hard

Balance                                         Choices

I challenge you to be A.W.E’d today. How can you create the life you want to live? What’s your reality?  What are your perceived limitations?  What possibility do you choose?  Please post below!