According to researchers, the top 3 challenges entrepreneurs face that cause stress are:

1. Access to Capital
2. Time Management
3. Managing Difficult Clients

Here’s the deal – I can’t help you with access to capital or managing difficult clients, but I can certainly help you reduce the time stress in your day using the very simple A.W.E. method.

Awareness – What is it about time that is causing you stress? Important: Dig deeper than the “too much to do, not enough time” feeling.

Is it because you procrastinate on the hard stuff?

Or is it that you have little time to think throughout the day because you are rushing from one Zoom meeting to the next?

Or is it something else entirely?

Work – Once you identify the root cause, create a structure to help overcome the challenge.

Little time to think? Institute “library” hours where no one answers email, Slack, text messages, messenger (ad nauseum)… and only focuses on the most important projects for your business.

Procrastinating on the hard stuff? Identify whether it is caused by a lack of clarity or a lack of brain space, then create a plan to increase clarity (what additional info you need – then go get it!) or brain space (use library hours).

Evaluation – Reflect. Are your solutions lessening the time crunch – or are more challenges popping up? If there are more challenges, repeat the process. Time crunch gone? Celebrate!

The A.W.E. Method is simple to understand but not always easy to implement. Many of my clients find that they are too close to the problem to identify it accurately AND create a solution that doesn’t rely on willpower.

Let’s jump on Zoom for a complimentary 20-minute Time Thief Audit, if that’s you. We will identify some gaps in your current time management plan and strategize a solution!