Goals vs. Dreams


Well, it’s almost that time again.  New Year’s Resolutions.  Does the idea of making (and breaking) them depress you?  If so, try something different this year.

Change your thinking . . . instead of a “goal” think of your resolutions as a “dream”.  Instead of thinking of the work it will take to achieve your goal, focus on how your life will be improved as you live your dream.  Focus on the outcome – not the process.

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Now, please be aware, I do realize that achieving your New Year’s Dream will take effort.  But, effort doesn’t excite us, or keep us motivated.  Results do!  So stay focused on the results.  How fabulous you will feel when you weigh 20 pounds less.  How energized you will feel when you call on (and close) 2 new customers each day.  How satisfied you are when you streamline your life so you have quality time each week to spend with your family.

Step #1.  Clearly visualize the benefits towards in your life when you achieve your dream.  write them down, draw a picture, create a screen saver, whatever you need to keep the dream alive for yourself daily.

Step #2.  Make an appointment with yourself everyday for the next 30 days.  Block the time down in your calendar.  Use this time (15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, whatever) to work on living your dream.

Step #3.  Make an appointment with yourself at the end of 30 days to evaluate your progress and decide if you need to adjust the amount of time spend daily working towards your dream.



Looking for a concrete way to stay focused on the effort AND visualizing the results?  I recommend checking out the Create A.W.E. Inspired Change – A 90 Day Accountability Journal.  This journal helps you follow the 3 Steps of A.W.E. and day.  Get ready to build habit, create routine, and follow a tangible structure. Daily!


Dream . . . and see what happens!

I’m interested – what are your dreams right now?  Please post below! 

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