One of the great things about being a Capacity Coach is having all sorts of fun tools and tricks up my sleeve to help my clients expand their capacity, achieve more, and work less. What a life! Here are some ideas.

  • Data rules! When it comes to being effective and efficient, nothing can take the place of having accurate data when making decisions. When you end your day knowing that you didn’t achieve everything you intended to achieve, get clear data on how you spend your time with the Magic 168 Action Guide.

“Lisa’s common sense, practical guidance helps you deconstruct, experiment with, and rebuild your schedule to be the most productive for you and your life priorities.” Robin Baum 

  • Is your brain about to explode from being overloaded with distractions? Stop the crisis and do a brain dump – “park” those random thoughts until you have time to deal with them.

“Working with Lisa has enabled me to find more time in my schedule, get much more organized, and get into a mode of proactively working vs. reactively working.” Megan O’Donnell Patton

  • Does that next project appear so intimidating you don’t even want to start? Download your own Project Worksheet to help you define the action steps and vision necessary for success.

“I typically manage 10 to 15 active client projects at any given time … I didn’t have the time to plan and, as a result, lived in constant fire fighting mode. Lisa’s approach is flexible enough to find the tools and techniques that work for me and fit my personality. As a result, I’ve been able to accomplish more in “less time”, get out of fire fighting mode, and carefully plan my time in advance.” Bill Sorenson

  • And next…pick my brain!

Yes, indeed, on June 8 at 2:00 (EST) you’ll have an opportunity for some free coaching. You can ask me any question you have about how to reach for your goals – achieve more while working less! This is your chance to pick my brain!

The call is free, but registration is required. Click here for more details and to register!