My schedule is so packed – I’m exhausted 80% of the time,” exclaimed a friend of mine, a business owner I greatly admire. Someone who, frankly, really has her $%!* together.

See, the thing about being productive, effective, and efficient is the target keeps moving. The time management skills that got you this far aren’t the same ones you need as your business grows. (Or the ones you’ll need when you become a virtual distance learning facilitator in addition to owning your business – but that’s a story for a different eblast!)

In “Sue’s” case (not her real name!) she filled her schedule with intention. No fluff. Every meeting, every appointment, every task, every project, was built for business growth.

Did I mention she loved her business? Loved working with clients. Loved marketing her business. Loved creating impactful content.

And was still exhausted.

OK – you are probably thinking that Sue was working outrageously LONG hours.

Not true! In fact, she was mostly able to work Monday through Friday from 7 – 4.

So, why was she exhausted most of the time? I’m mean, let’s be real here! From the outside, it looks like the perfect scenario: work she loves, a schedule filled with high-value activities, and reasonable work hours.

The answer is…


Sue and I created a “Good / Great” list of all the things on her calendar. Tasks/appointments/projects that gave her energy went on the GREAT list. Those that depleted her energy went on the GOOD list.

Guess what? She was spending about 40% of her week on energy-depleting activities. No wonder she was so exhausted!

The solution: We systematically dug into each item on the GOOD list to identify strategies to move each one from an energy depleter to an energy enricher.

The good news? Each week as Sue continues to implement these strategies, she is feeling more in control, more energized, and less frustrated! In fact, here’s her latest text message, “I’m a work in progress, but things are so much better! Thank you, friend!”

Here’s the deal – you don’t need to be a “hot mess” to use the expertise of a time strategist. You just need to be frustrated with where you are and recognize there is a better way to work.

Ready to look at your energy enrichers and depleters? Let’s jump on Zoom for a few minutes to create your very own action plan.

NOTE: When we chat, we will be focused on identifying the right action steps for you. This truly is an ACTION CALL (not a sales call in disguise). When we finish, you’ll walk away with a specialized plan unique to your situation.

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