When you align your vision, goals, and actions, success is guaranteed. Think about it, as long as the activities you spend your time on each day relate directly to the path you want your life to take, you will be living a life of intention, focused on the priorities that are most important.

Seems simple, right?

One of my clients (we’ll call her DeAnn) always accomplishes A LOT of activities between our coaching sessions. She is a doer. Lots of energy. Lots of ideas. Lots of movement. Yet, DeAnn was becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of progress she was making towards her goals.

Very frustrated!!!!

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She was working diligently each week between our sessions – yet still feeling she was no closer to accomplishing her “big picture” goals.

We went through all her activities. What goal did this activity support? What goal did that activity support? 70% of her activities were directly related to her goals.  (Here’s a post about how to make sure the tasks that are on your to-do list really are worthy of your time and effort.)

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DeAnn should be feeling like she’s making progress, right? Her actions are lining up directly with her vision.

Well  . . . not exactly!

DeAnn had created her big vision for her life and business a few years ago. At the time, she was crystal clear on what she wanted from her life personally and professionally. DeAnn wanted to travel, own multiple stores in multiple states, educate on a national stage, and create a line of products.

However, after creating this vision for her life, she experienced some significant events. DeAnn got married, had kids, and changed her role in her industry.

Her life had changed. Her priorities had shifted, but her vision had not. Each day she got up, and looked at the vision she had created a few years ago, and used it as a roadmap for the decisions she would make that day, never realizing that this vision was no longer directly aligned with the person she is NOW, with her current priorities, her current commitments.

Though the activities DeAnn was completing on a daily basis were lining up with her vision, her vision was no longer lining up with her LIFE.  Her vision was dated!

So, back to the drawing board!

I advised DeAnn to take another look at her goals, dreams, and vision. She made some changes. Some priorities were no longer a priority. New goals were added. Some goals were adapted.

Taking another look at her plan and tweaking it to represent the person she is NOW has made all the difference. DeAnn is following the RIGHT map for her CURRENT life and feeling much more satisfied. Her actions are actually moving her closer to her goals!

The moral of this story . . . when you line up your vision, goals, and actions – success is guaranteed . . . but only when you make sure your vision is current!

How often do you update your vision? Do your tasks and activities support it? You can upgrade your planning so you can achieve more of those goals that lead directly to your vision by taking advantage of my complimentary Discovery Conversation.

Important!! These appointments are complimentary, but to be really clear, they are limited in number and reserved for people who meet these criteria:

  • You are willing and ready to improve your current situation
  • You are ready to invest money in your potential so you can experience different results
  • You are willing to push your comfort zone (just a little to start!)

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