About a year ago, I was approached to be a speaker in a telesummit.  Part of my responsibilities as a speaker was to provide a package of products for interested participants to purchase.  Exciting opportunity  – however, I didn’t have any products.  I didn’t want to pass this up, however, I had no idea what to do next!


Luckily for me, a colleague suggested I give Stephanie Calahan a call.  From our first conversation I really felt like she “got me”!  I had been working soooo hard, spinning my wheels, gaining very little traction and had no idea what to do next.


In our first conversation Stephanie identified that it seemed I was confused on who my ideal client was.  (Hmm . . . pretty important piece for business owners to understand!)

Though I decided to work with Stephanie to help me prepare for my first telesummit, we created much more.

  • She advised me on designing products
  • Helped me narrow my focus on my ideal client
  • Create and implement a marketing strategy (including a new logo and website)
  • Fine tune my presentations and forms
  • Referred me to professionals to fill technical gaps
  • and more.

That’s what we DID – but that’s not who I BECAME!

Through Stephanie’s belief in me I began to claim and own my brilliance.  I’m clear about who my clients are and how I can best serve them.  We did a lot of work on the “inner Lisa” so I can play on a bigger stage.

I’m very entrenched in the left side of my brain and certainly not a believer in the “woo-woo” stuff.  Yet, with Stephanie’s urging I now meditate, watch Mind Movies, and say Afformations (a concept from Noah St. John).  (And actually enjoy it!)  She continued to stretch me to envision more for myself – and thus more for my clients.  I’m now stepping into this vision.


Working with Stephanie is an illuminating experience.  Often, she anticipated my needs before I did.  I can’t count the number of emails that “magically” hit my inbox with encouraging messages from her – just when I needed it.  Or a message clarifying something we had spoken about in our session – that she fleshed out a bit more, before I even realized I wanted more information.


She is also a woman of integrity.  After working together for many months (I joke that she could have given birth in less time – and possibly with less work!) our program was coming to a close.  I still had a few areas I wasn’t confident it, but our time was up.  She anticipated this – and extended our program until I felt confident.

Who does that?  Stephanie LH Calahan – that’s who!!  Totally unexpected but oh so appreciated.

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Seldom do I feel inadequate getting my thoughts down on paper or even in a video, yet when it comes to communicating my appreciation for Stephanie, this doesn’t even come close.  I highly encourage anyone who is looking to move to the next level in their business to contact Stephanie Calahan.


Have you asked for one thing, but gotten something else entirely?  Please share!