I had been in business as a time management consultant (well – really as a time strategy visionary) for a short time and knew my website wasn’t really “working” for me.  But . . . I HAD NO IDEA HOW TO FIX IT!!!  On the recommendation of my business coach, I contacted Christine Shay of dba/marketing to help me design a new site – and a new logo.


She walked me hand in hand through the rebranding process.

I still have no idea how Chris was able to take a number of conversations and “magically” turn them into a logo and website that truly represents me and my business.  I am amazed by her creative process!  (I think it’s rare to find someone that is at ease using both the right and the left side of her brain!)

I am sure that many designers can create compelling logo’s and websites, however, I’m doubtful that any take care of their clients like Chris does. I signed off on the project a while ago, yet Chris is still available to answer questions.  In fact, just recently she provided a two-hour tutorial on some of the areas of the website I was struggling with.  (Believe me – it was USER error, not site design!)

This type of customer service is rare – but oh so appreciated!

website before


website after


I am consistently receiving compliments on the look of my new website, the number of visitors to my site has increased, and finally with a dynamic blog and some additional features, my website IS working for me.

I highly recommend Chris Shay for any marketing design work!  (Did I mention she also created a business card design, Facebook cover, and the artwork for my Time Finder Program?!)

facebook before and after

Facebook Cover – Before and After

In case you can’t tell from reading the above, watching the video, and looking at the before and after pics – I think Chris Shay rocks! :)

When is the last time someone went above and beyond for you?  Please post below!