It’s true – Lisa Rothstein is a superstar!

As I was preparing for the launch of my first program, I was filled with anxiety around writing copy for my emails, sales page, and landing page.  Not only did I not know what to write – I didn’t know visually how it should look on the page!

At the insistence of a trusted mentor, I signed up for Lisa Rothstein’s Copy 2 Cash class.  This was really the best decision.  Lisa gave me a formula to create the copy I needed, but most importantly the confidence that my product was professional.

Lisa’s programs are full of valuable content, plus she provides relevant and current examples for each step of her process.  But more importantly (in my opinion) is her personalized attention.  Talk about underpromising and overdelivering!  Her personal feedback was amazing.  Using the Q & A calls and support group, she gave advice on tweaking wording on my sales page, gave suggestions for my opt-in title, and brainstormed calls to action.

Now, I can’t wait to prepare for my next launch.  I feel confident about writing copy that represents my success,  speaks to my client, and is powerful and impactful.

In case you can’t tell from watching the video and reading the above praise – I highly recommend working with Lisa Rothstein!


What does overdelivering look like for you?