One of the things I really enjoy about my work is meeting others who are reaching out to help entrepreneurs. I recently spoke with Chris Sprague of Expert’s Showcase (@chris_m_sprague) to talk about one of my favorite topics: how to accomplish your #1 most important task, every day.

Chris is an interesting personality – as an author, speaker, and host of the show, he inspires, educates, empowers, and uplifts. As Chris says, “finding your Zero Point is the key to reducing frustration, increasing performance and increasing happiness.”

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In my conversation, we spoke about how I found my own “zero point” and began to teach and coach others with the same tools. We so often feel that we have so much to do, so many tasks to complete every day, that it’s difficult, if not impossible to do them all. We get stuck in the cycle of overwhelm and get nothing done.

I invite you to listen in as we talk about the ways both Chris and I use our time, schedules and talents to identify and accomplish the important tasks.