Stubborn or tenacious… both flip sides of the same coin.

And both characteristics that have served me well . . . and not well . . . in the last week! 😊

Let me set the stage.

I had 2 days cleared on my calendar for a class that I’m taking out of town. This class meets once a month for a year and requires an overnight stay. Unfortunately, I had an inaccurate list of dates and the two days I cleared were NOT when the class was meeting. It was actually meeting the FOLLOWING week and those two days – NOT cleared!!!

In fact, those two days were fairly full with important appointments.

When I realized the class was on a different date I immediately went into “I can’t possibly move all this stuff around so I’m going to miss the class. AND . . . if I miss this class, I might as well just drop the entire course.” See, I like consistency and routine. I dislike needing to change plans.

And when I have to change plans because someone else was unorganized I really get stubborn.

When it comes to being effective and efficient in your life, where are you being stubborn?

  • Are you using the same tools you were 5 years ago because they are comfortable when more efficient ones are available?
  • Are you digging in your heels and refusing to delegate the “big stuff” because “no one could do it as well” as you do?
  • Are you stubbornly clinging to your morning routine because it worked for you in the past, even though you rush through it now and gain limited benefit?

The flip side – be tenacious!

Diligently look for areas where you can improve your effectiveness – stop stubbornly clinging to what is comfortable.

How? Take this 10-question quiz and identify potential areas for improvement. Having the awareness will allow you to move from stubborn to tenacious in no time.

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