Happy Holidays!   I know it’s not Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or Ramadan or  . . . but we can celebrate Christmas in July, can’t we?

In late November and early December, I am asked questions about how to handle the increased busy-ness at the upcoming holiday season in addition to already high stress levels.  AND usually by early December . . . the “damage has been done.”   By this time, you are already over-committed, scrambling to finish up last minute tasks, stressed, tired, and overwhelmed.

No matter what holiday (or none) you celebrate, the mid-winter season is usually full of parties and gatherings, gifts and mail, housekeeping, and extra business projects for year-end.  You may have an idea of what you want to change for next year so you are able to fully enjoy the season. You may even be able to take action to change right now. But it’s July.  Are you willing to follow-through with your plan this early?

Let me tell you a secret.  When you start to implement the changes NOW – the rewards will be HUGE this winter.   If you wait until December.  . . it will be the same as it has always been.

What’s the answer?

Download my new book, Ho Ho NO! – Tips for an Organized and Stress-Free Holiday Season.  It is now available on Kindle.

This book was developed in answer to the question, “How can I enjoy the holiday season without feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and tired?”   You will be able to apply many of the time management tricks I know to specific goals and tasks at holiday time.

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The book covers everything from planning to gift giving to self care, in an easy-to-follow and easier-to-implement way. For example:

  • Don’t keep notes from last year shoved in the junk drawer. Create a holiday notebook!
  • You can’t make the season perfect for you unless you know what “perfect for you” really looks like … make a list of what you want out of the season. Be specific.
  • And now that you know that, make a list of what you WANT to do, rather than what you feel you MUST do, and delegate the “yuck.”
  • Break it down … break each task into the smallest steps to reduce overwhelm.

Along with these tips and much more, you’ll get a handy dandy resource guide and done-for-you handouts to make it all even easier.

Begin today to reduce your stress and increase your organization as you approach the busiest time of year!

Do you want more support than that? A little coaching to get you ready might be just the thing!

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