I was super excited and super honored when THE Sales Wizard, Hugh Liddle asked me to guest post on his blog.  You see – he is a fabulous man, with a huge heart, and a ton to give to the sales community.  To be able to share some of my insights on procrastination with his peeps is a pretty big deal for me.

So . . . if you are feeling like

  • You are SUPER busy all day, but yet not moving any closer to acheiving your goals.
  •  Or, you think you could be further along if you could just figure out how to get the “Important Stuff” done each day.
  • Or you are thinking, “I don’t procrastinate . . . I’m to busy to waste time on unimportant activities.”

I invite you to check out my guest post on Red Cap Sales Coaching, Are You Making Progress or Just Moving.


And . . . while you are there . . . look around a little.  Hugh offers a Free Sales Survey that is out of this world.   Plus – if you are looking to take “The Icky and Scary” out of sales – he has the PERFECT book!  (I know – because I just finished reading MY copy!)

Did I mention yet that I think Hugh is great?!  Jump on over to his site, leave a comment on my post (please do – I’m hoping he’ll ask me again!), and look around at all the great resources he has to offer!