“Productive Procrastination” – a very real . . . and very sneaky . . . phenomena where you stay busy all day yet accomplish very little.  Previously, I wrote a post entitled “Don’t Confuse Progress With Motion”  where I shared 5 tips on how to overcome Productive Procrastination.  Periodically I’m updating some of these solutions; last time we talked about identifying your #1 task each day.

The tip I’m going to expand on today is . . .

Schedule one hour each day to do “productive procrastination” tasks.  Each time you find yourself slipping into your procrastination mode, remind yourself that you have scheduled time for these tasks – LATER


“But Lisa, why would you want to schedule one hour to do productive procrastination tasks?  I thought the purpose was to work only on our most important tasks all day long!”

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Let’s be realistic!  Rome wasn’t built in a day.  To go from little “real” productivity to 100% “real” productivity is unrealistic.  Plus, some of those tasks actually do need to be completed.  AND . . .if you haven’t yet walked down the “who do I delegate these to” path . . . your business and personal life could suffer.  (What would happen if the paperwork and cleaning didn’t get done?)

AND – yes – I have some solutions for delegation!!!

So, the solution? Pick a hour to devote to any productive procrastination tasks you want.

Make it a game – what hour should you choose?  How long can you go before you catch yourself doing a task that isn’t your most important task?  How many times each day do you find yourself slipping into productive procrastination mode?  Then try to beat your own score every single day!

Stay tuned for more tips that include using a timer, being deliberate about procrastination, and using a buddy system.

Tell me – what’s your “go-to” productive procrastination? (Mine is flipping to Facebook when I’m stuck for words halfway through writing a blog post!)  Please post below!

Want a hand at deciding how productive procrastination creates problems in your day? A little coaching can help!

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