About 2 years ago I wrote a post about confusing motion with progress …the trap of believing that because we are BUSY we are PRODUCTIVE.  It’s an easy trap to fall into!  In fact, when I work with clients we often refer to this as “productive procrastination”.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to expand on the solutions I provided.  I think you’ll find – even 2 years later – there is still some value in these solutions!!!!

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(For more examples of “productive procrastination” be sure to reread this post!)

Solution #1 – Identify your #1 task each evening.  Write this task on a Post-It note.  Put the Post-It note over your task list (covering it up).  Complete this task first, then look at the other items on your list.

I’m going to take this solution one step further – and recommend placing the Post-It note on your calendar at a specific time of the day.  Anything work doing is worth scheduling.  Once you assign an actual TIME to do the task,  the task takes on the weight of an appointment.  IF (and this is a BIG “if”) we need to “miss” an appointment, we will reschedule it.

When you assign a time to complete your most important task, you will either complete it at the time assigned, or you will reschedule it to another time.  Either way, you are creating a plan to prioritize this task above other “productive procrastination” tasks.

Stay “tuned” to this blog as I dig deeper into some other solutions over the next month or two!

Now, it’s your turn! What tricks can you share to overcome procrastination? Comment below!

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