As I have said many times, my high-achieving clients often struggle with procrastination. I’ve been expanding my knowledge of this concept lately, and have found so many out-of-the-box ideas to overcome this habit. (Yes, it IS a habit.)

Why do some people struggle more than others to start AND complete a task?

Enter Neil Fiore, Ph.D, the author of The Now Habit, with the idea of 3-D thinking. Sounds like a pretty fancy concept . . . what exactly does it mean?

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One of the reasons people procrastinate is they view a project in 2D mode – all work, all at once. There is no beginning, middle or end . . . just lots of work. It can be very overwhelming.

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When you change your viewpoint and examine the project in 3-D mode, you can take into account the size, length, and breadth of the work. Or, in other words, you can factor in the little parts of the project that make up the whole, and the time it takes to do each part. (Use this Project Worksheet to break your project down into parts.)

Instead of thinking about the entire project, you can think about the piece of the project that you could complete in one block of your UNSCHEDULE. This quickly reduces the overwhelm.

One strategy that goes hand in hand with 3-D thinking is the Reverse Calendar. Once you create the sub-parts of the project, you can begin to decide target dates for the work to be completed based on the due date and the time you have available.

This allows you to know when you need to get started instead of “pushing it off” until you are up against the wall.

Get more done and STILL enjoy your nights and weekends! Curious about how to incorporate these ideas into your life?

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